Floc de Gascogne (Fortified Wine) White - Domaine Chiroulet

Flocs de Gascogne are the result of a subtle marriage of two thirds of fresh grape juice and one third of Armagnac from the Domaine.

Its aromatic delicacy translates into floral and white-fleshed fruit scents, to which a bitter almond note adds relevance and pleasantness. These flavors compose harmoniously with the eau-de-vie, releasing an invigorating and succulent sensation reminiscent of candied citrus fruits.

Drink it as an aperitive or with a dessert.


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Wine Details
Grape Varieties : Gros Menseng, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Sauvignon
Type : Fortified Wine
Appellation :  Floc de Gascogne
Vintage : No vintage
Alcohol Content : 17 %
Serving Temperature : 4-6°C
Service : Keep fresh
Region : South West